Best Dog Food Puppies Will Love You - Top 10 Reviewed Dog Food expert

Best Dog Food Puppies Will Love You - Top 10 Reviewed Dog Food expert

 Top 10 Reviewed Dog Food expert

Want to see the top 10 reviews of puppies' favorite dog food? Feeding puppies with their favorite foods are not always the best and healthiest decision. Does it make sense?

Top 10 Reviewed Dog Food expert

I am a dog food Expert.

I specialize in dog food testing so that I can recommend food that will maintain your dog's health and extend his life.

So I want to ask you a question. Are you looking for a healthy dog ​​or fat and sick dog in the future?

If the answer is a healthy dog, then in this article you will see:

Top 10 dog food for puppies.

What is the healthiest puppy food?

What dry dog ​​food is best for puppies?

Comparing the best dog food puppies will love.

The highest range I provide for one puppy feed is 100/100 and the lowest is 9/100. I'm sure you want to know. Okay?

If you want to skip reading download my comparison table where I point out the most important information in one place.

Okay, let’s get straight to the top 10 puppies for puppies.

Top 10 Dog Foods For Puppies

Tested foods are the most popular in the Amazon. So if you own a dog you should have heard of them.

Yet are they healthy for your puppy?


1. Natural Balance Puppy Formula

The most popular puppy food on the Amazon is definitely a Natural Balance puppy formula.

It is a best-selling product.

So I decided to start my experiment with this product. Do you want to experience this diet with advantages and disadvantages?

Natural Balance Product Company is called Natural Balance Pet Foods, Inc. and is located in California.

What do Natural Balance Updates say about the product?

The most reliable updates are:

Dog Food Advisor Range: 3/5.

Amazon Updates Range: 4.7 / 5.

So the marks are very good. I am a dog food expert and I wanted to test this product on my own.

My Natural Balance Quick Update

Natural Balance puppy products are made from dried ingredients. As I said in my 6 tips for choosing the right dog food (check it out here) the drying method is not the best.

The second thing is composition.

Excellent puppy food composition is high in protein and low in fat and low in fiber.

Formulation of Natural Balance puppy formula:

22.5% protein.

11% fat.

4% fiber.

10% humidity.

3550 kcal / kg.

So the make-up is good. This product has a well-balanced texture. However, does it have the right fats and fiber to protein ratio?

Average fat and protein: 49%.

Fiber to Protein ratio: 18%.

As I said in my tips measurements should be protein in 2/1 fat and protein in fiber 4/1. Natural Balance Product Ratings are probably correct.

The second step is testing the full view of the list of ingredients. Now let’s see the full list of ingredients. Singa?

Ingredients for natural balance:

Main: Potatoes, duck food, duck, potato protein, canola oil (preserved with tocopherols mixed), dried potato products, natural flavor, salmon oil (preserved with tocopherols mixed), flaxseed, salt, i -dl-methionine, choline chloride,

Vitamins: vitamin E supplement, niacin, d-calcium pantothenate, vitamin A supplement, riboflavin supplement, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin D3 supplement, pyridoxine hydrochloride, folic acid, i -biotin, a vitamin B12 supplement.

Minerals: zinc proteinate, zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, iron proteinate, copper sulfate, copper protein, manganese sulfate, manganese proteinate, calcium iodate, sodium selenite.

Other: potassium chloride, taurine, tocopherols mixed (preservative), rosemary extract, green tea extract, spearmint extract.

We now have a complete view of product quality. What ingredients are problematic?


As you can see, not many ingredients are a problem. In fact, the list is quite good. The price is very low and it is not surprising that it is so popular with puppies.

My Natural Balance Puppy Judgment Formula 86/100

After testing the Natural Balance puppy food product I came to the conclusion that the product is good but not very healthy.

My judgment by Natural Balance is 86/100.

The main problem is the drying process and the high protein content of the plants. In a short story, the product is good and I recommend it.

See the price on Amazon

2. Hill's Science Diet For Small And Toy Breed

This is the second most popular type on Amazon. Hill’s Science food production company is called Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. and is found in America.

What do Hill's Science reviews say to experts and users about the product?

As the best source of user reviews, I recommend Amazon because that is the website where people buy the product. On the other hand, the best expert review I recommend is a dog nutrition consultant review.

Reviewing distances are:

Dog Food Advisor Range: 4/5.

Amazon Updates Range: 4/5.

As you can see users give low marks in their reviews but 4 is at a very high level. The professional review of the dog food consultant gives this product a very high 4th grade.

Now let’s see my quick review and the range of this product.

A Quick Update on My Hill Science

In order to evaluate the benefits and disadvantages of the product, I had to see the composition of the food and the list of ingredients. So let's start with the first conditions.

Hill's Science Diet for the manufacture of small toys:

26% protein.

16% fat.

3% fiber.

1% humidity.

3809 kcal / kg

The makeup looks great. Protein levels are high and fats and fiber levels are low. In order to see a more accurate picture, we had to see the scales.

Hill's Science Diet for small scale dogs and toys:

Fat and protein ratio: 62%.

Fiber to Protein ratio: 12%.

Ratings show us that the first estimate is slightly higher than the fair value and the second measure is less favorable than the fair value.

However, these estimates are very good. What about the ingredient list?

Hill's Science Diet list of ingredients for small and medium toys:

Main: chicken feed, cracked barley, pork, whole grains, whole grains, wh

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