Carcasses of dogs found in food bags along a South Carolina road

Carcasses of dogs found in food bags along a South Carolina road

Dogs found in food bags along a South Carolina road

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCSC) - Authorities are investigating the discovery of a three-dog carcass found in a South Carolina car.

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People living on Wright Road in a rural area near Givhans and Ridgeville say it is a sad and disgusting problem.

They saw more than one dead dog strapped to an old dog bag on the side of the road recently.

“Three weeks ago I saw a bag and saw two dogs coming out of it. And I didn't know if they were dogs or adult dogs, and they were in a black dog food bag. Then two weeks later, another bag with another dog came out ... this is out of control, ”said Mehrab, who lives in Wright Road.

Mehrab said he and his neighbors took pictures of what they saw and started a conversation on the local Facebook group.

Mehrab has seen many dogs in various stages of decay lying near or standing in dog food bags. He says people living on the streets are a cohesive community and everyone is aware of the problem.

“We have a lot of kids on this street, and I don't want them to see things like that. So it's disgusting, ”said Mehrab. "My little nieces are two and five years old ... and I don't want them to see things like that."

Some neighbors, who declined the interview, explained that another area on Wright Road was a hunting ground. Those neighbors believe that dogs are hunting dogs, and it is possible that someone left their bodies in the ditches along the road.

Dorchester County Animal Control is investigating the situation and sent two police officers to the area on Monday.

According to the report, the officers found the bodies of three dogs dead on the road, one of which was decomposing and the other two bones. Police reported that they had tried to photograph the dogs for microchips for details, but none of them had been released.

Animal Control officials said anyone with information is asked in comments

Mehrab says it annoys people in the neighborhood, and they want to stop it because of the animals and people who live there.

"I'm a pet lover and I can't take things like that," Mehrab said.

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