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Dog Food Recipes Homemade: It can be tough to know what to feed your dog, especially if you want to make sure they're getting the best possible ingredients. Dogs can have a range of dietary needs, and some people like to make their own dog food at home to ensure their pup is getting all the nutrients they need.

Dog Food Recipes

There are a ton of recipes for homemade dog food online, and most of them are pretty simple to follow. You'll need some basic ingredients like meat, grains, and vegetables, and you can either cook everything yourself or mix and match premade recipes. homemade dog food is a great way to keep your pup.

90 Healthy & Easy Dog Food Recipes: Homemade Nutritious Meals for Specialty Diets & Everyday Care - Joint, Weight, Liver, Age & Diabetes Recipes from Your Kitchen

Dog Food Recipes Homemade Healthy

Now I am no longer an expert, I am no longer a dog trainer, a dietitian, or any kind of "authority" on the topic of health or dog food. But I am not a celebrity, and I am sure that the same can be said of you.

And I know this for sure; Dog food in the tins I have been feeding our poor little Nikki, 8 years old, (once beautiful) Cocker Spaniel, is trash, and I will never feed her that kind of crap again.

So what will be my solution? Feeding her healthy home food made with recipes I trust.

Now I want to say this before continuing; Nikki is still healthy, but her health is deteriorating rapidly, and I can't help but think it was brought in by the garbage cans of major dog food manufacturers who insist on "healthy and nutritious dog food".

I can’t prove that, but it seems obvious to me, that dog food companies ignore what they give us as food for our dogs, considering what we’ve learned recently about the ingredients they use in what they produce.

Another thing that bothers me the most is that; Veterinarians relied on the health of a pet to authorize many of these waste products on the market.

So what can we do about it?

All I can tell you is what I did about it.

A few weeks ago, I decided that I would spend a lot of effort and expense, (although there are no additional costs involved), and I fed our dog Nikki a diet that contained ingredients I trusted.

In other words; I made up my mind that our dog would have food made with healthy dogs for cooking at home in our kitchen.

The result of this decision is that I will know exactly what you are eating. I will no longer have to wonder and worry about what the great dog food producers hide about the ingredients they include in their canned and dried foods.

Because I believe they've been hiding and lying a lot about what they put in the dog food they've been selling for so long!

That fact has been proved to be true in recent, terrifying and memorable dog food stories, as well as all the reports we have read and heard after discovering that they have poisoned our dogs with unreliable and uncontrollable ingredients from foreign suppliers.

My conclusion is simple: If I can trust companies that claim to know the best about my dog, then I will take their work into my own hands.

I will feed my dogs healthy food recipes for dog food, and I will control the ingredients that go into my dog's diet.

It is like everything else in this life; You get what you pay for, you reap what you sow ...

We just had to have the luxury of being able to trust someone else to provide for our dog's need for a healthy diet.

Guess what? They failed. And they failed miserably. And our veterinarians have also failed us, by not warning us of the dangers involved in trusting these great dog food manufacturers.

So we are left to fend for ourselves. My answer is; Find a great healthy dog ​​food app and dog recipes, and control what your dog eats. Do not be deceived!

It is not really difficult to find healthy recipes for making a dog, and it is not difficult to prepare them too. My wife and I found some really good recipes online, and we recently found a complete dog and dog food recipe book, (in every aspect), all the rest.

I'm so excited about these homemade recipes that I put a link below, (at the top of my web page) ...

Look at what is offered. It's really great, and dog treats and dog food recipes are incredibly easy to make. And as a GREAT bonus, your dog will love it too, believe me!

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