How to cook sausage dogs on the stove

How to cook sausage dogs on the stove

 How to cook sausage dogs on the stove

By Ryan A. Burdekamp Follow Jan 4 · 3 min read

Probably the best part of having a dog is getting them to help around the house. That being said, you can’t go outside when your furry friend needs some extra attention. Fortunately, there are several practical ways to give your pup a bit more physical exercise and keep him happy while spending less time on the couch. One such method involves cooking sausage dogs food on the stove. This recipe has been shared by chef Josh Gantee on his blog, which gives an easy-to-follow guide detailing how to make your own sausage dogs with this simple technique.

cook sausage dogs on the stove

How Much Can I Feed My Dog?

One pound or three pounds is enough for one pound of raw sausages. Make sure that your dogs do not have excess weight. If they have excess weight, then you might not want to make it too hard for them to eat sausages as soon as possible. Even with little excess weight, they will still be able to digest your meat and other ingredients. For example, if you cut up chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces, then you can just use the same amount of sausages to make an equal quantity of burgers. You also need to account for any leftover meat that your pup doesn’t eat that way. Try using half of the total weight because it will add extra moisture that makes the sausage thicker.

How Long Does It Take To Boil These Sausage Dogs?

Sausage dogs are quite lean. That being said, they are incredibly tough animals, so take them out of their food before they start to fall apart. However, like beef, these foods are incredibly juicy, so take care not to overcook the sausages. After all, they will still have all the extra fat and nutrients that you would love. You do not want to leave them unattended long enough to become too soft. And lastly, because the dog is going to go through it too, you don’t want to burn yourself. They should only be cooked between 145-and 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

How Do I Prepare the Sauce?

The base sauce for the sausages is pork chorizo. So, grab a large pot and cover a large space with a single layer of cheesecloth with cheesecloth. Then pour about 1/3 cup pork chorizo down the bottom of the cheesecloth. Pour a cup of water and then dip the sausages into the Chorizo Sauce. Finally, put a lid on the pan, spread the sauce evenly over each sausage Dog, and enjoy! Your family and guests will surely be impressed with this delicious meal and will probably ask how they can get enough for everyone. Remember that making the gravy takes about 10 minutes, but don’t let them wait longer. Once the puppy is done eating the sausages, pop the dog back in the pan, remove the foil, and place the whole thing back in the sauce. Have guests join in and laugh about how much easier the meal is when you share!

How Often Should I Cook Them?

You need to prepare your pooch three times every day, but make sure that they don’t get bored. As an added bonus, there’s always room for another batch for the next couple of days. Also, it’s important to give them enough time to recover from such a big meal and recover properly before starting a new batch. For instance, if you’re planning on creating a breakfast box packed full of frozen veggies, you can freeze it first.

To thaw these sausages overnight, you can scoop them off the bone and place them inside freezer bags if they’re larger than one pound. This will make them easy to pick up straight from the fridge and keep them fresh until you’re ready to make a second batch for the week. For smaller sausages, just use kitchen tongs to thaw overnight. Or just stick them under cold running water, and watch them thaw, then wash them off in warm running water before finally putting them back inside their food. This trick works well when it comes to sausage dogs.

If You Want Something Really Delicious...

If you want something really tasty, opt for a pork chop sausage dog instead. But if you prefer regular sausages, you can try this variation on top of some garlic fries. With this method, you’ve got a quick lunch that includes sausages and garlic as well as a snack that’s both nutritious and savory.

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